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Davlatjon Khabibullaev


This article analyzes such issues as the introduction of modern information and communication technologies in civil proceedings, the further improvement of information systems and resources aimed at improving the efficiency of civil proceedings in courts, as well as the introduction of electronic document management. As well as the use of the system in videoconferencing court sessions, the automatic distribution of cases between judges, the publication of court decisions on the Internet, the sending of executive documents in electronic form for enforcement, the information system "E-XSUD" was studied. Analyzing the experience of the countries of the USA, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Estonia, as well as the opinions of legal scholars, the author presents proposals and recommendations on the introduction of new modern technologies in the activities of civil courts in Uzbekistan, the digitalization of the activities of courts, the creation of online courts, the introduction of artificial intelligence, further improving the exchange of electronic documents and information between the court and other bodies, expanding the possibilities for providing interactive services in the activities of the courts, that is, the establishment of a special terminal in the building of courts for civil cases, further improvement of the system for automatic distribution of cases between judges both in the courts of appeal and cassation.

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